Under the Microscope: Advanced Poker Training

Hey guys, welcome back! As always I will be hooking you guys up with frank reviews on online poker software. Today, I shall be talking about Advanced Poker Training.


One of the oldest sites/software around, it has certainly seen a lot of action. It is one of the more basic software that can help players get a feel of the game and discover their playing style. When you are new at the game it would not be surprising to do due diligence and watch as many videos as you can. However, true experience comes with playing the game yourself.

That is where Advanced Poker Training comes in.

What does it do?

This site/software has an interactive training program in place. It helps new players dip their toes into the lovely world of online poker. There will be a breakdown of all the different terms, hand scenarios, and will even provide you with an analysis of your developing style.

­When you buy the full software, you’ll be giving yourself quite a treat. This software is designed to save and suitably replay the hands that you’ve held or dealt. There is a “Brain Button” wherein you can pick the brain of any of the advisers on how they would deal with a certain scenario. It’s great software, and it’s not helping you cheat, just making you a better player.

It includes a deeper look at the overall factors which are considered before making a play. When you’re playing poker, there are so many other factors to consider beyond what your gut is telling you. As this is actually training, there are challenges put up weekly. Users have the choice to try their hand at higher ranked challenges to test their capabilities.

A useful feature is called “Beat the Pro”. This is about trying your hand at differently ranked difficulties. Each game is usually around 20-hands long. At the end of it all, you get a report on how you did as compared to actual pros out there.

My findings

So I personally like how at the end of each week there will be a progress or training report. This is a good tool for new players to use in order to get a deeper understanding of what they still need to work on. What accompanies these reports are suggested articles from their extensive library. This is pretty great in really helping new players catch up. I really appreciate the win rate report. It’s a great way to keep a positive note even if it starts low.

The cost of membership can seem kind of steep particularly for new players. However, it all depends on your point of view. If you are planning on going professional one day or at least play for money, there is no harm in getting yourself an interactive resource where you can keep evolving your play style.

When I got to try this site out, I was truly impressed at the tips that the on-site advisors provided. The autosaved hands are really a good tool. It’s a great method to keep track on the evolution of your decision-making.

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