The Skinny on the Do’s and Don’ts of Poker Software Use

Poker is a sport that can involve quite a bit of money to it. That fact did not change when the online version of the game showed up. As such, it was quite normal to expect people to make use of software that could possibly better their chances at winning. However, that is not to say that getting money is the only reason why poker software is around.

Poker Software is pretty popular among players for a lot of good reasons. They can be really useful when it comes to analysis of the player’s odd and performance. In order for there to be fair use among all players, it was important to establish some pretty reasonable Do’s and Don’ts regarding software usage. That is what we’ll be discussing today.


  • Make use of an approved piece of software

There are a lot of online poker rooms around the web. Each one has its own list of pre-approved and banned software. Before you start buying and installing your software, it is important to consult the list of your preferred website.


  • Do not use software that enables colluding

That’s tantamount to cheating. This particular don’t refers to software that allows some players share a peek of their hand with another. This can allow them to work together.

  • Do not use software that collects other people’s player information

This is just unethical. Imagine joining a table where all the other players know every single bit of your personal tells and styles—what chance do you stand to win?

  • Do not use “bot” software

This sort of program takes over for the player and makes decisions for them. Robot software is never okay in any sort of online game and will be met with a permanent ban.

  • Do not use any form of software that allows live advice regarding the current game

Why bother playing if you are going to rely on someone else to play for you? An interesting thing about this is that streaming your game is acceptable in some sites.

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Poker Software is great as long as it is used properly.…

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Are You a Poker Software Newbie? Here’s What You Should Know

Poker has always been a popular game since its inception. When computers came around, it was only natural that poker would make the big leap to the online world. Since then, people all over the world have been trying to come up with ways on how to create good poker software.

Just what is poker software anyway?

Poker software, by definition, is a computer program that any player can use for different purposes. In my experience, the common types of software fall under three types: odds calculators, game trackers, and finally equity calculators.

Odds Calculators

These are primarily downloadable software that can be opened up during a game. It is built to analyze the cards on the board, your own cards, and even the betting sizes. The program then calculates the probability and likelihood of your chances.

In doing so, you are provided with helpful information on what possible moves you can do next. It’s a great way to build your strategy as you go along. You can choose to go with the suggestions or go with your own decisions.

It is important to note that not every calculation is perfect. It is still subject to human input.

Game Tracker

This type of software is primarily used to build a complete profile on the player. It is always a good thing to have an eagle eye view of your strengths and weaknesses. This is what game trackers do for their users.

This is particularly useful for longtime online players. There is a lot of tracker software that vary in the scope of their offerings of services. It would be in your best interest to shop around for kind of analysis program that works best for you.

Equity Calculator

This particular program should be able to allow you to compare two different hands in order to determine the probability of each in winning the end pot. While not all that different from an odds calculator, the more advanced forms let you single out cards that will no longer be part of the game.

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Poker Software is really helpful if you got yourself the right one for the job.…

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Real Talk: Not all Software is cheating the Game

Over the years of being active in real life poker and online poker, I’ve come across the same discussions every now and then. No matter how much time has passed, it’s always the same thing: Is the use of software cheating?

While I will admit that there are some pretty shady software programs out there, not all software should be lumped together as a way to cheat the game and other players. As there is money involved in playing online poker, most people want to make sure that they are on their A-game every time. You can check out if you’re looking for poker software, they have a pretty good selection of the most popular versions of software.

Realistically this can’t really happen so software comes in handy to try to keep your instincts and gameplay sharp in the duration of not playing.  Software can even help you while you are playing the game.

Why use software?

Proper poker software is designed to help players keep track of their progress. It also helps to refine their process and method of playing. There are training software specifically made to help new players to truly get to know the game, the rules, and its different methods.

Software can help connect people together. Sites like Advanced Poker Trainer have a community wherein other players can discuss their concerns. I’m not going to lie—sometimes, playing online poker can be pretty lonely. It doesn’t quite have the interaction that you get when you’re face to face with other players. What is does offer is convenience.

Convenience is also what software brings.

Battling the Negative Stigma

I’m not quite sure just when the association of “software equals cheating” started. It’s frankly kind of silly. A lot of online poker sites that hold games are now quite strict in their detection of banned poker software. So even if there was some unethical toe nail out there that tried to run unethical software, the website will be able to zero in on whoever is using the program.

I’ve personally had friends who tried to get past the system and end up getting banned. They tried to get me on their side but no dice. Cheating is something that shouldn’t ever be condoned. Especially: in a game that a lot of people pride themselves in. There are thousands of players out there that take the time to make use of legitimate and helpful software to really improve their playing.

Then they get lumped together with those people who try to cheat. It’s rather unfair but it’s a part of life.

What we should do then is to enhance the awareness regarding proper software. That is actually also one of the primary goals of this blog. I want to blow away the notion that just because you use software you’re automatically trying to one up the system.

With every post I hope more and more people come to realize that when poker software is used ethically and properly, it can really enhance the poker experience. Not only will you get to see charts of your progress but you’ll also get to improve your game and win more money in the end.…

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