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If you’re looking through here, it must mean you love poker (or at least it has piqued your interest). Regardless of the reason, I’m glad to have you on here!

As you may know, I’m aiming to provide a useful resource for poker players and poker enthusiasts everywhere! I know that I can’t do it alone. I would really appreciate it if you’re looking to be a contributor for my site. There are just a few qualities that I’m looking for particularly.

Experienced writers

I would honestly prefer writers have racked up a bit of hands-on experience with writing. Complete, coherent, and cohesive are not as easy to come by as some would like you believe. It takes a particular kind of person to be able to express their thoughts in a plain and friendly manner. I’m not looking for professionally published writers—but that does not mean you are not welcome! However, other bloggers are my kind of people! Experienced writers will also carry their ethic along with them. That means content will be original and unique.

Poker Enthusiasts

When you are totally into a particular game or craft, it cannot help but bleed through in your words. When a particular software is good, I would prefer the words to reflect the accordingly. It takes someone who really has a fascination for the game to truly understand what other players will be looking for.

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