Under the Microscope: Holdem Indicator

Welcome back! I’m your guy John and I’m back to give you with your dose of real reviews about poker software. Today, we’ll be talking about Holdem Indicator!


This particular software is all about odds and calculating them. It really makes you want to say “May the odds be ever in your favor” Sorry! I really had to make that joke. So anyway, Holdem Indicator tracks your statistics on your opponents.

What does it do?

When it comes to searching for handy poker odds calculators, this software will have a 99% chance of showing up on your search engine. This is because the opponent tracker isn’t something that’s usually part of an odds calculator.

One of its best features is called the “Win Odds”. While not 100% accurate (because nothing really is), it provides a lot of insight as to why a certain result is given. The factors that it considers are:

  • Your hand strength
  • How many other players are in the game
  • The chances of their hand range.

The algorithm is pretty efficient and provides a good way to lower the limits. It will never tell you what to do. It will simply give suggestions on the likelihood of an event occurring. The

The opponent stat tracker gives you an idea of how people have played during the game so far. It’s a good clue on who is truly experienced and who is still green. If you were expecting something that permanently keeps track of your opponent’s stats, you’ll be vastly disappointed. Also, that would be cheating—so don’t ever do that, okay?

The user interface is pretty simple. There’s customization toggles to personalize the software to meet the varying needs of clients. The developers understood that not every player has the same preferences. Therefore, they made a lot of options to customize the interface as needed.

My Findings

This software is really handy in giving users an idea of how to calculate odds. It gives tips on what factors are considered when calculating odds. So it’s pretty good in helping players learn. Other odds calculators only give you a final result without actually giving you the idea why it came to such a conclusion.

What I found really useful is the simple presentation of the data. There wasn’t overly complicated jargon or presentation pertaining to the data. Holdem gives everyone the EV of their cards before they’re flopped. The EV estimates are pretty good compared to a lot of other odds calculators that I’ve seen.

With all odds calculators, it will never come up with “YOU SHOULD DO THIS”. Instead, it will offer you suggestions based on the information it has on hand. One of the best things about poker is that you can weigh your chances—think you have a good hand—then completely flop the next reveal. It’s a pretty exciting thrill. Poker has always combined luck and skill. That’s what makes it a card game that won’t be going away any time soon.

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